LED Lighting Products

Make the switch to LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs and the overall cost savings will definately surprise you as you consume considerably less wattage per bulb!  LEDs last much longer than old-style incandescents, and even CFLs. Plus, they contain no mercury.


LED bulbs and fixtures are now available for most every application -- we are picturing just a few of our best sellers.  Whatever you are interested in replacing, we can find just the right LED to fill your need! 


Our installation professionals are are ready to remove your old fixtures and apply bright, new LEDs in their place. By adding a new, painted, aluminum cover, your old tube fixtures stay in place, but are given a fresh, clean look that is sure to please. Other types of fixture lamps are easily replaced with new LED's that come in many forms -- screw-in types to replace incandescent bulbs, plus wall sconces and parking lot fixtures.


You will be amazed at the difference these LEDs make in brightening up and CHEERING up an otherwise dull space! Make your products look cleaner and more appealing by adding LED light!

Incentive Programs

Your small or large business can SAVE MONEY by replacing your old lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting! 


CASH INCENTIVES are available through power companies to help you make that change. 


Get a FREE, no-obligation facility assessment to identify potential energy-saving opportunities at your place of business!


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