Our Products

Screw-in fixtures

  • Available in several styles and sizes

  • Easily and quickly replace standard incandescent fixtures

  • Provide a more natural light than CFLs (compact fluorescent lights)

  • No mercury

  • Uses a fraction of the wattage required to power a bright incandescent bulb

  • Dramatically more cost-effective over the long run


  • Available with or without frosted appearance

  • New aluminum covers provide a fresh appearance to old fluorescent tube fixtures

  • No UV or RF interference

  • No mercury

  • No ballast required

  • Wide voltage and constant current design

  • Solid state, high shock & vibration resistant

  • 66%+ savings in energy consumption

  • Quiet; no noise, no flickering

Exterior Fixtures


  •  Available in different styles depending on end use

  •  Long, maintenance-free life

  •  Easy 15 minute installation

  •  Up to 85% energy savings

  •  Less attractive to insects

  •  Variable outputs 100-1000+ watts

  •  HID equivalent

  •  Step dimming available

  •  No light pollution


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